Nov 7, 2010

It is that time of the year again where an update might be prudent on the happenings of our life in Dirksland.

Since our last update last January, Malinda has changed responsibilities in her work. Getting fed up, amongst other things, of all the travel, she has left trainimg in March and is now a QA Engineer for the same company. Being real excited about this official-sounding title she breathlessly told Phil: "We got two engineers in the family now!". To which he responded in his very English way: "Don't get too excited, Dear. They call garbage collectors Sanitation Engineers...". No chance of inflated egos in a Scouse household then eh?? ;-)

The summer put our maturing garden into full bloom. Our Rambling Rose is forever stretching its tentacles along our house, and once again people walking and cycling by fill the air with their "Oohs!" and Ahs!". We still thoroughly enjoy our garden and keep chanig bits to it here and there.

The latest addition to our garden is the chicken coop, aptly christened: Coupe's Coop. It holds 3 chickens who will hopefully bear their fruit next spring.

In August we went on a very well-deserved family holiday to Cyprus. Phils kids, Jenny and Ben with their partners and our grandson Theo came along for the 2 week sun-feest. We had rented a wonderful villa up in the mountains, about a 20 minute drive from the coast. It had a gorgeous swiming pool which we used morning, noon AND night, seeing as the tempereatures in Cyprus in August are never far below the 40 degree mark. Theo thoroughly loved playing "Throw the ball into The Pool" with his Gaga, and on the beaches he was never far from Addi's (Malinda's name in Theo's World) sandcastles, destroying them faster than she could make them.

It was wonderful spending all this time with the kids and hope to be able to have this become a bit of a tradition, every few years or so.

Speaking of traditions, we are once again holding a Quartel Christmas Bash in Michigan this year. All the Quartel's will gather and spend the holidays together under Malinda's uncle's home in Travers City. We wil then travel down to St. Louis and usher in the New Year together in Jane's (Malinda's sister) home there. After we have sufficiently recovered from that, we will travel to Boston where Malinda's QA Engineer Colleagues are situated and spend a week for work there. As Phil has Vacation days left to allow him A Round the World trip twice over, he will play the "Kept Husband" while she Engineers away...

As you can see from the changed menu, we now are officially launching the Coupe Creations side of our world, so have a look to see what all we "produce" in our little art factory!

We hope all is well with you whenever you read this, and drop us a line once in a while!

Phil and Malinda

The cats: Pants and Gay Boy (Norman sadly died while we were in Cyprus)

Our intruder cat: The Intruder (only comes in when it gets dark to eat the food, but we are trying to "domesticate" him.

The chickens: Maisie, Daisy and Lazy (just coz it rhymes)