Here a selection of what Coupe Creations produces.

We make mirrors, pictures, fancy blackboards, clay figures, wall paintings and much more.

Our motto: "If you inspire us, we will make it"

For pricing and more information, please mail:


We love to recycle: Decorative flower bottles, lamps made out of bottles (yes, they do have electricity leads in them)...


Our travels give us inspiration:

From the far East:

Girl Power: 50 X 20

Morocco-styled mirrors above...

Psychedelic ones...

Available sizes: 15 X 30 and 40 x 60


We find practical solutions for our art:

Sliding doors hiding boxes in the attic...

Flower mural painted on a bedroom wall

Boxes in a box... for buttons, beads, paperclips, staples, spices, jewelry....

Ever wondered what to do with the rocks you collect from the beaches on your holiday??? Make a Rock Family!



Flowers on square canvas: 50 X 50 cm

Fish: 50 X 70 cm

More Fish: 50 X 70

Black Flowers: 50 X 70 ................. ......Gecko: 30 X 40

Flowers on large canvas: 75 X 115

Octopussy: 50 X 70

Our cats: 18 X 24